Look away from the lemon water 

Marketing will inadvertently shift with whatever is ‘hot’ at the time.

It’s a vested intrest.

You, like millions of others may have heard of the myriad of benefits surrounding ‘lemon water’ in early 2013, or been swamped by the ‘kale’ epidemic last year, you may have even fallen victim of both.

The superfoods, as they are known are quickly becoming homologous to high end fashion. I had previously NEVER heard of kale in my life prior to 2013. As for lemon water, I would rather eat a slice of red capsicum and get 50x the vitamin C, than force myself to chug that diluted acid.

It seemed that overnight ‘kale’ (an otherwise overgrown spinach), had wrapped the marketing world in its fibrous storm.17a3

Kale smoothies, kale ice cream, kale chips! You couldn’t escape the onslaught of kale-ification!
I remember reading article upon article preaching the miracle that was Kale.

So give it a few weeks, a year or so and now we’re in 2015.

What have you heard recently about kale? I look around the supermarket and see kale on special, again.

Fluorescent yellow tags sticking out like childrens tongues after a 7th birthday party.

Dominating the bottom shelf in a desperate attempt to get noticed, ‘Reduced to clear‘ splayed across the side.

No one wants you anymore Kale.

Your moment in the sun has passed, and now it’s onto something else. Some strange exotic seed or tongue tying agalmalation of vowels that we’re probably prounouncing wrong anyway (see; my quinoa confusion for years)

See just typing the word ‘new superfood’ gave me this… Oh joyous internet.

So I decided to highlight some laughably sad diet fads that seem to be mindwashing society.

Digging a little deeper; these have to be some of my honorouble mentions, 

  1. Freekeh; sounds more freaky then foody
  2. Farrow; i could do a better job at inventing names then this, honestly. 
  3. Bone broth jelly, isn’t this the same as every single jelly constituent out there?
  4. Bee pollen; and I thought Bees were under threat enough as it is recently, now we have to go out and just hunt them to extinction. 
  5. Vouge magazine even went as far as to say this about Chlorophyll

“Also called nature’s green magic, chlorophyll has the power to regenerate our bodies at the molecular and cellular level.”

Thank you Vouge, I had no idea that I have actually been a plant for the last 19 years of my life.

And now for the winner of 2015s shameful waste of money award thus far. 

drumroll please…..


When I saw this I really had to rub my eyes.

Charcoal. Really.


do you know what charcoal is primarily made out of?

  • Carbon

Do you know what we breathe out on a daily basis?

  • Carbon



Perhaps im not looking at the full story here, okay fair enough, maybe because the person or persons (ahem Vouge.com) who came up with (a majority of) this list took into consideration that you’re keeping up with the latest ‘superfoods’ of 2015 list and do Infact, ingest chlorophyll too.

So with Vouge’s logic, yes, you eventually do turn into a plant and via Photosynthesisyou can miraculously convert that activated charcoal into glucose.

Thus energising you!

* sigh*

In another sense, I find it great that the Australian marketing Accosiation  is atleast making an effort to get society to shift it’s 1 in 4 overweight arse. Even if it means there is a sum of money behind the process

I for one find it halariously comical that everyday (otherwise useless) items (barely passed off as edible at that) are having their time in the spotlight. 

Hey who knows, maybe you should think twice before giving those tomato stems the flick to your compost, you might be around the corner from discovering the new superfood of the coming year.


Low fat? It’s actually making you fat

So I was at Uni the other day and just casually talking to one of my closest friends about diets over coffee. How we keep in shape and such, when we stumbled along the topic of nutritional contents of foods.

Now talking about this stuff with people is my passion, absolutely love it. And I’m always surprised at how little the majority knows about nutritional contents of food when they’ve been bombarded by millions of health messages each day.

Well here’s the comparison, she asked why she had stayed at this persistant weight when we both go to the gym, probably 5-7 days a week. We do high intensity cardiac workouts for around an hour before heading home.

So excersise wasn’t the issue here. I turned instead to her diet,

She eats well but has a knack for going for ‘low fat’, high protein foods.

See  things such as; tuna, rice crackers, low fat yoghurt and emphasises minimal carbs.

Compared to myself; 

I eat a whole range of carbs (possibly 5+ serves daily), proteins (only fish and legume based), a few serves of diary and an emphasis on vegetables.

The crucial difference?

  • She has BMI of 25
  • I have one of 20

Sure, she’s still considered ‘healthy’ for her weight and height. She is still regarded on the outer parameters of ‘healthy’.

Now the literature, if you’re familiar with the Atkins diet for instance will tell you about all these trials of people substituting low fat and carb for high protein , emphasising weight loss.

And you’re probably moreso familiar with the seemingly endless meatheads that seem to amass on the bench press machines at the gym like barnacles attached to a ship hull.

Another obvious highlight is, it seems they are never far from those ghastly fluroscently coloured liquids known as ‘protein shakes’.

Do you notice a crucial difference here though?

On the whole;

  • MEN want to GAIN WEIGHT
  • WOMEN want to LOSE it
  • And BOTH genders are integrating  high protein into  these diets hoping that it will achieve their goals.

More often than not, which of the sexes is it that we see with the visible results?

  • MEN.

Fair and simple, muscle mass weighs more than fat. We all know that.

I bet you didn’t know that you only need 15-25% of your dietry energy intake  to be sourced from protein.

15%-25% that’s actually tiny. And that 25% is only relative to those of us doing insane amounts of excersise and a high need for protein for muscle repair. Most of us should be aiming for  the15% mark.

Women in fact need LESS protein then men. to work out how much protein you need daily

If you’re a female;

  • .75(amount of protein in grams) multiplied by (your weight in kilograms)

So for instance;

I am 62 kgs

  • . 75 * 62kg

= 42.5g

I only need 43GRAMS of protein a day.

Do you know how much 43grams is worth weight wise?

  • Half a bar of soap
  • The size of a standard chocolate bar
  • 5 mushrooms.

And do you know the best part?

When you eat an excess, (that’s anything over 43g for me)


This is because your body has this thing called the amino acid pool, contrary to belief, exess proteins are NOT stored as muscle, they’re broken down like any macronutrient and released to provide energy.

And your body can only absorb so much. It’s like sugar, you only need 120g of glucose daily to maintain brain function. You can get that from 2 slices of bread.

Which beings me to my next point, how about low fat?

Hah.If you believe low fat what’s going to change your life around, check again.  I BET MY LIFE THAT YOU CAN GO PICKUP ANY LOW FAT (not including artificially sweetened) MANUFACTURED FOOD….SUCH AS NATURAL YOGHURT.

  4. GASP

IF you did it correctly the sugar content should be significantly higher in the ‘low fat’ example.

Another consideration,

‘Low fat’ has only been a recent integration into our lives. 70 years ago, there was NO such thing as fat free milk or reduced fat margarine. And you’d think that being absolutely bombarded by the incursion of these items into our society would atleast FORCE people to lose weight.

So why hasn’t it?

It’s really simple,


Why is fat given such a bad Rep??? It’s ESSENTIAL for life! Ever heard of vitamin D?

Yeah you need FAT to break that down so you can absorb it properly!

Vitamin A?

As a kid you were probably bombarded by your parents telling you;

Eat your carrots Sarah! So you can see in the dark!

Guess what, you need FAT  to absorb those beta caritinoids to make you get those benefits!

EVERY SINGLE CELL that makes up who you are has a membrane, a covering of sorts; to keep things protected inside.


Now sugar, what can you POSSIBLY achieve with sugar.


Nothing else. No nutrients, no vitamins, no breakdown of anything.

And what happens if you eat too much energy?

It gets stored, AS FAT.

So why don’t I just eat heaps of sugar Anna? Because logically that will just turn into fat anyway, and my body can absorb all those things right?


A lot of dietry sourced fat, such as omega-3, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids CANT be synthesised through ‘sugary fats’ as I call them.

Classic example, marshmallows.

 Commonly labelled ‘low fat‘, whilst that may be true, look at the sugar content.

I guarentee. YOU WILL DIE QUICKER eating a diet of marshmallows, then  a diet based purely of avocados.

So keep it in mind next time you’re browsing through your local supermarket.

Do I want to live a low life?

Look no further than Low fat. 

——- Anna Freeman, student Dietitian ——

Hello world!

STOP WAIT A MINUTE…. fill my cup put some liquor in it!’

……Were the lyrics that I awoke to this morning when my Pandoraradio started my rotation of ‘feel good’ music. Unless you are a complete termite and live under some rock or something, you probably wouldn’t recognize the lyrics above as being Bruno Mars’; ‘Uptown funk’. Dubbed one of the many songs that reflect today’s ‘quality music’. Deemed so by our elusive top 100’s billboard of modern music.  So today, avid reader; I’m going to start this new blog with something  I  find very interesting!

What is it that makes music so #catchy? I later checked out the lyrics and after a bit of heavy research (ahem, lyric meanings.com) was appalled at the message it was sending.

I gasped as i realized…. I had fallen victim, as many have; to the ‘pop culture of today’.

Now you could talk to my Greece/High school musical crazed best friend Ash… she would preach that musicals and pop culture was the definitive ‘style’ of music that keeps life interesting.

Then you could talk to my Boyfriend and if you even mentioned a whisper of ‘Remix, Top 100’s or RnB’, and he would literally stare you down.

with daggers.


What is it that draws us to like certain styles of music?

I personally like a mix of 80’s 90’s and the earliest songs of this millennium. I must admit though, you might catch me bobbing my head along to some of Taylor Swift’s ‘Style’ now and then.

I remember reading an article a few years ago, stating that all Music plays with our emotions subconsciously, whether it be with a message, a progression of chords that we find appealing, down to the very voice whom owns the song.

(for me it’s got to be Coldplay, i don’t know why, but Chris’ pitch and tempo is perfect)

What i found particularly interesting however, was the fact that a lot of 3/4 time signatures  ( the typical 1,2,3 and  a 1,2,3) of modern and reminiscent music alike,  in fact, correlate with the beating of our hearts.

‘The investigators report that listening to music initially produces varying levels of arousal – accelerated breathing, increased blood pressure and heart rate – that are directly proportional to the tempo of the music and perhaps the complexity of the rhythm.’ (ABC news 2005)

Now you could argue that Remix music, i.e

a) Timmy Trumpet’s ‘Freaks’


which has little to no use of emotive, expressive or influential language whatsoever.

Just check out the lyrics honestly;

The bass and the tweeters make the speakers go to war!
Ah, the mighty trumpet brings the freaks out to the floor!
The bass and the tweeters make the speakers go to war!
Ah, the mighty trumpet brings the freaks out to the floor!’

~ Timmy Trumpet, ‘Freaks’ 2014

But if you for a moment listen to the beat of the song from :55 to 1:00 and then for the remainder of the song from 1:55 to 2:56 you can actually hear the overriding beat behind the song as a definitive; one, and two and three and four, repeated over and over.

Does this not correlate somewhat to a heart beat?

Take another example, one that was an absolute rager during my schoolies week ( but that’s a story for another time)

b) Martin Garrix’s ‘Animals’.

EVEN LESS emotive, expressive and empathetic language then the previous one.

the entire lyrical analysis of the song can be summarised in four words.

‘ We’re the–F%$#$%# Animals’  x4

I’m not even joking.


I’ve gone into the liberty of finding the actual layout of the song ‘Animals’ to show you the beat at each interval.

Check out the song below; pay special attention to the area circled in yellow.


Nothing too exciting right?

Well, compare this to a standard 3 lead ECG trace. ( heart rate monitor)


Now how is it; that this song alone, from a DJ that’s the same age as myself.  Has more hits than the most successful and influential song  of the 80’s band Queen?


Perhaps it is psychology, or perhaps it is preference.

There’s an excellent article on the psychology of music here>>> http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2013-10/uoc-tma101513.php

But, It is in my belief that whilst any music can be influential, a lot of it has to do with the subconscious mind.