Does Chemistry determine  your relationships? (Identity Challenge)

Hello fellow Blogreader!

The aim of this post is to ‘Identify’ your audience. And what better way to ‘identify’ than to write something that would appeal to my own Identity! 

No one knows you better than yourself…  I for one, always found the topic of personalities extremely intriguing.

Countless people have said around and about me throughout my lifetime;

‘WHAT, you’re only x years old?!’


‘You’re actually very wise for your age’

So what was I like as a kid?

During the early years of school, when peers of my age were out tagging buildings and throwing eggs at Halloween…. 

I was sitting at home, or out in the garden collecting grasshoppers and climbing trees. For every wall I successfully climbed, I must have fallen down twice to make up for it. (And I still have the scars to prove it!)

Skipping school was the next behavior that seemed to dominate the minds of the ‘cool kids’. 

Not to mention engaging in some form of unspoken play-plague where girls and boys were considered something not dissimilar from hideous diseases  to one another.

Touching a member of the opposite sex (unintentionally or otherwise) would raise siren-like wails of ‘ewwwww cooties!’.

I (still) don’t understand the concept. But then again; I was the one eating food that had fallen to the ground. 

I still do. 

Guilty as charged.

Then came the awkward highschool years… oh boy.

Year 9 was quite possibly the worst year of my life (considered a Sophomore in the US.) You Americans and your strange language conventions *shakes head*.

 I don’t quite know what it was, perhaps the flood of estrogens, growth hormone and testosterone of the general population in grade 9, that made everyone downright pains in the ass.tumblr_lqd3pqUp8X1r21mbao1_500 Everyone was too busy caring about the length of their skirts and the number of abdominal muscles they could get on their obliques- to even consider the trials and tribulations of others. It was around this time that I started reading, alot.

HighSchool to me was filled with (sigh) cliques, the goths, the nerds (this is where I fit in), the jocks, the smartasses, the people that were so good looking that it hurt (the worst part was, it wasn’t Twilight. It was real life). 

Year 9 was the year I was trying to find mine, I was drifting from place to place and never fit in. When that fateful day came where I sat with my fellow nerds (yes, I’m proud to own it) It just felt…. right. Like I was comfortable here, I liked what they spoke about and what they stood for, like a game of Tetris….. It just…. fit right (And I’ve never regretted it! It’s thanks to them that I’m in University!)

Flash forward to now ,where it’s no longer about avoiding the opposite sex, but rather about getting as many sexual partners as possible in the limited time where drunken consciousness predominates over rational thought. 

Observe, the fascinating behavior of the usually timid male, who, after one or two (or three or four) beverages has attained this whole new persona. Watch as he goes through the several,(rather repetitive)processes of interaction, buying of drinks, offering them to his target (and target’s friends), watch as he singles out a particular prey, witness the awkward dancing and an attempt of a ‘hook up’ with his chosen target. 

Watch him fail.penguifall

….and return to the bar, asking the bartender for another round, whence he repeats the cycle all over again.

Reflecting back,I found this somewhat ‘chemical’ process of the something-teen fascinating, and how we classify ourselves to others, how others classify us. It began simply as a mutually exclusive group; Girls were girls, Boys were boys, they both had germs and were to never mingle. 

Introduce hormones into the Venn diagram and BAM you have cliques, comparisons, hook-ups and experimentation, blurring the lines between socially acceptable and downright disgraceful. Add the legal (or illegal) effects of drugs such as alcohol as a catalyst and you speed up these reactions and interactions tenfold.

I often have these thoughts, these comparisons….

Do you, or did you; have a group that you fit into? Do you still follow in the footsteps of your clique? Are you still looking for yours? Take a look at your friends, do you notice a similarity between them? Maybe not. 

Though I do guarantee that there is a person or persons out there.You’ll find someone and share that perfect chemistry, just give it time.


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