Animals of human nature: Christmas and New Years.

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and New year, filled with food, joy and happiness.

If you’re anything like me; the last few weeks in December race by in a flurry of colour, sound and madness. Almost like some bizarre play in which there is no sense.

‘ Late for Meeting’ credit to youtube

Shopping becomes laborious, the energy sapped out of you the moment you walk through those automated doors at the shopping centre.

Almost like another world, you’ve entered ‘Humanity’s Christmas Zoo‘.

You see the circle of unmoving, relentless mothers picking through the clothes aisles. The children at their mothers hip holding a toy of somesort and begging for it to be bought, with big pleading eyes – and a cry to match. Or spotting the chance at escape….

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The cheapskate or, last-minute shoppers; who buy the bare minimum and know it’ll just suffice. Eyes darting around anxiously, looking for another deal.

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And then there’s those that buy too much… Extra of everything, cakes, bowls, presents, placemats, toys. They hoard the belongings with the excuse of ‘just in case‘.

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And in the end, whether you compiled and completed your Christmas list or not; the 25th races by – all too quick for many, and all to slow for some.

The shops from whom you bought overpriced ornaments, have since slashed their prices overnight and you’re caught in the relentless cycle of buying, giving and buying again.

This is actually me credit to memegenerator.
This is actually me
credit to memegenerator.


The Christmas zoo is an interesting place indeed. I’m left bittersweet; nostalgic for it’s passing but sure glad it’s over for another year.

Amidst all the chaos of Boxing day sales, overjoyed in the surge of new cash or presents that you’ve been eagerly playing with for the past few days…. you forget that the new year has been sharpening it’s claws – ready to strike when you’ve almost completely forgotten about it.

Then it hits you, before you even have a chance to recover from the massive feast you had on Christmas day – New Years Eve is upon us. And you’re left with multiple options; fireworks, dinner, partying or staying at home.

It’s like a double whammy of celebrations in less than a week. Complete with grandiose displays of fireworks and masses of drunk people who shuffle the night away.

Echoing cheers of ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR‘ – similar to the screams of a howler monkey; returned some distance away with the same (or more) enthusiasm from likeminded partygoers.


This year, I went out with a few friends to Surfers Paradise – a notorious spot on the Gold Coast for nightlife.

Well, it certainly lived up to it’s reputation.

Masses of people,young and old; dominated the strip by the beach. Music was blasting out of every nook and cranny – muffled only by the shouts of people who were singing, laughing and screaming.

I went to a few cheap bars with my best friend and partner in crime; Ash. Dancing to 80’s pop hits; we were the odd ones out in the group of 40-somethings that dominated the dance floor. People my age would usually be down at Shooters, Cocktails or even *shudder* Sin city on a night like this.

the beautiful Surfers by sunset… Photo cred

I can say I thoroughly enjoyed it though. Despite the mockery of behavior that us humans display in our drunken state; I danced with some very able bodied 50 year olds to Queen’s ‘I want to break free‘ that night.

And I honestly think,

they had better moves than I did. 


All the best wishes for 2016!

——- Anna Freeman, student Dietitian ——